Composer & Musician

After the Conservatoire (1880-1885)

As soon as he had dropped out of school, Debussy became an accompanist to Nadezha von Meck; both traveled across Europe in order to give performances. Later, he would also join up with Pachulsky and Danilchenko in order to perform his trio composition; they would become known as the Nadezha von Meck trio.

Debussy later also played as an accompanist with other notable singers, such as Madame Moureau-Sainti's singing classes.

After meeting Henry Vasnier Debussy became teacher to his first pupil, Georges Cuignache. Cuignache was a frequent visitor at the Vasnier home. Here, he would compose many songs for for Vasnier's wife, Marie Vasnier. A dozen songs later, Debussy found that he had fallen in love with Marie.

 Despite Vasnier's watchful eye, Marie and Debussy were able to perform at many concerts together as singer and pianist.

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