Composer & Musician

Death (1908-1918)

In 1909 Debussy found out that he had colorectal cancer. So, in 1915, Debussy attempted to undergo surgery in order to cure it; after a painful procedure, Debussy found that he was feeling no better and he continued to live in pain.

On top of cancer, Debussy was order to go to court to pay Marie-Roasalie Texier's alimony, something which he had be avoiding for six years. Forced to pay a great sum of money, Debussy was drowning in debt.

As World War I continued to wage on, the Debussy family found themselves surrounded by fighting.

Finally, in 1918 Debussy was forced to take to his bed, dying on March 25, 1918.

Because of the bombings surrounding the city Debussy was required to be buried in a temporary graveyard until the fighting calmed.

Just a year later, his daughter, Claude-Emma, passed away from diptheria and was buried beside her father.

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